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Past Projects

Decolonising Education

SHARE is a group of Sheffielders working together to advance anti-racist education in our city. They connect local staff working in education, governors, parents, unions, students, educationalists and anti-racists. In partnership, they share resources and good practice, and support others in areas such as curriculum development, training provision and whole-school development.

Past Projects

Emergent Reporting in Africa

In 2022 AVP collaborated with 2 postgraduate researchers, Teté Mausse and Stephen Aderinto, on their Emergent Report in Africa Project. This project sought to produce quality television, radio and articles which centred African narratives in stories that had previously received little coverage.

Past Projects

Hong Kong Future Diaspora Part II

‘HK Future Diaspora Part 2’ is the second cycle of ‘Performing Identities’, an ambitious project led by artist and filmmaker Eelyn Lee that explores what it means to be East and Southeast Asian [ESEA] in the UK today through collaboration with other ESEA artists and wider communities.

Past Projects

Anti-Racist Partnership Agreement

In September 2022, The Centre for Equity & Inclusion commissioned artist and legal practitioner Jack Tan to develop an anti-racist partnership agreement.

We Want To Hear From You

Anti Racist Blog

We are inviting PGRs of colour to submit proposals for creative pieces that can feature on the anti-racist blog.

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