The Centre offers a comprehensive programme of support and opportunity for postgraduate researchers of colour across the University. 
Take a look at our activities below and see how you can get involved.

Knowledge Exchange

These projects will enable PGRs to learn from people who have a wealth of experience in racial justice work. Partners will also benefit by engaging with the distinct expertise, experiences and skillsets possessed by PGRs.
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Mentoring Scheme

Postgraduate researchers will have the opportunity to discuss questions and concerns around the postgraduate programme, career development, institutional racism, and/or racial justice work, with those who have valuable expertise to share.
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Centre Chats

Centre Chats are not only an opportunity to share and reflect on everyday experiences, they are also a way of meeting other PGRs of colour beyond your department or field. They take place in a relaxed environment over lunch (provided by us!)
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Our latest research reveals that racially marginalised PGRs, across a diverse sample, often experience overt racism, microaggressions, stereotyping of racial abuse from their supervisors, and feel bullied, intimidated, and fearful.
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Centre Archive

The Archive is a space for all those involved in the Centre to creatively document and share their experiences of identity, culture, heritage, higher education and/or activism. It is an opportunity for self-reflection, forming new narratives and cultivating solidarity amongst like-valued people.
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A core aspect of the Centre’s activity is its training programme. Postgraduate researchers (PGRs) of colour will have access to expert training in professional skills development, career progression and anti-racist praxis.
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